Yuan Pan is an artist, designer, and illustrator. He specializes in motion graphics, web design, illustration, and animation. He is a Professor of Art at Keene State College.

Yuan Pan received his BFA in painting from the Yunnan Art Institute in China in 1995. He was an Assistant Professor of Design at the Yunnan Polytechnic University and a partner at Ming-Tong Marketing Company from 1995 to 1999. After studying at Auckland University in New Zealand and Parsons School of Design in New York, he received his MFA in Digital Art from Memphis College of Art in 2002.

Yuan Pan’s creative work is strongly influenced by his life experiences and studies in both eastern and western cultures. His work has been exhibited in galleries, conferences, and film festivals locally, nationally, and internationally.

As an illustrator, he is passionate about storytelling through images. His book The Last Goodbye was a finalist of at the 2014 Bologna Children’s Book Fair Silent Book Contest in Italy. It was also exhibited at book festivals in Milan, Montereggio di Mulazzo, and Madrid. Yuan Pan has competed and won prizes at professional illustration competitions such as the American Illustration and American Photography Annual Competition, the 3×3 Professional Show, and the Creative Quarterly.

Yuan Pan also actively engages in the design practice. He has created websites, motion graphics, and illustrations for clients that range from small businesses to international corporations located in Boston, New York, Washington DC, California, Paris, Kunming, and Singapore.

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